Metal Frame Buildings in Tyler, TX

Designed For Durability

Get an affordable metal frame building customized to your specs.

Get Steel Architectural Excellence

It’s hard to find buildings that are durable and adaptable to your needs. Traditional building techniques are expensive. They also can’t keep up with the dynamic demands of today’s architectural landscape.

The metal frame buildings from ABS tackle the issues traditional constructions struggle with. Our buildings have a framework of solid steel which ensures resilience against time and harsh elements.

Our metal building company in Tyler, TX, doesn’t stop at durability. We’re all about style and functionality. Imagine a space that’s not only rock-solid but also tailored to your vision. Start customizing your steel frame industrial, commercial, or residential building today.

Design Your Custom Steel Frame Building


Plan The Layout

Whether you want to store heavy machinery or build an office space, our buildings accommodate everything.


Tailor The Look

Personalize your steel building. Pick where the doors and windows will go. Decide the primary & accent colors and more.


Easy Installation

After you set an installation date, our steel building contractors quickly deliver and install your custom steel-frame building.

Types of Metal Frame Buildings
For Your Property

Whether you’re an industrial business owner needing a manufacturing facility or a school administrator seeking a durable gymnasium, Advanced Building Systems creates custom metal-frame structures designed to your specific requirements.

Commercial Metal Buildings

Metal-frame commercial buildings are versatile and can be used for offices, retail stores, restaurants, and other businesses. They’re easily customized to fit your business.

Recreational Facilities

Steel frame structures make the perfect indoor sports facilities, gyms, and recreational complexes. Their spacious interiors are perfect for all sorts of activities and events.

Industrial Warehouses

Steel frame warehouses provide lots of storage space for businesses, factories, and distribution centers. They are designed to accommodate heavy equipment, machinery, and goods.


Our steel frame barndominium homes are the perfect blend of rustic elegance and modern comfort. East Texas homeowners love them because of their durability and energy efficiency.

Agricultural Buildings

Farmers, your equipment and livestock deserve the best protection. From metal barns to steel storage sheds, our metal-frame agricultural buildings can be customized to fit your needs.

Healthcare Facilities

Our steel frame structures are adaptable and can be used as medical clinics, healthcare centers, and outpatient facilities. Tailor then just the way you want them to make it a welcoming place for patients.

Contact Our Metal Building Contractors

Discover complete durability with our steel frame buildings. If you want a building with unparalleled durability and unmatched quality, get steel frame construction. No matter the size or complexity of your project, our expertise makes for a seamless construction process. Start designing your metal frame structure today.