Metal Pole Barns in Tyler, TX

Built to Last

Whether you’re still brainstorming the design or you’re ready for construction, ABS creates a custom pole barn just the way you want it.

Safeguard Your Property With A Pole Barn

Traditional barns are expensive to maintain and susceptible to harsh weather conditions. You should have the peace of mind that your barn, workshop, or garage will keep your investments safe.

At Advanced Building Systems, our wood frame pole barns are durable and keep your livestock, tractors, and more protected. Their customizable designs allow you to use them for agriculture, storage, or as a workshop.

Don’t just solve your storage problems. Upgrade your property with a Tyler, TX pole barn from ABS.

Design Your Steel Pole Barn


Plan The Layout

Make your building big enough to store an aircraft or small enough for an ATV. Our pole barns cater to all needs.


Craft the Look

Personalize your steel barn’s look. Decide on door and window placements, along with wall colors and accents.


Easy Installation

Our experienced metal contractors efficiently deliver and assemble your steel-frame pole barn.

Types of Wood-Frame Pole Barns For Your Property

Whether you’re a farmer seeking a metal pole barn to keep your livestock safe or you’re a homeowner wanting a metal garage, our pole barn company in Tyler, TX, customizes everything to fit you.

Take a look at just a few of the types of pole barns we fabricate and build.

Agricultural Pole Barns

Extend the lifespan of your valuable farm machinery with a steel pole barn. They’re designed specifically for agricultural equipment like tractors, combines, and plows. They provide protection from harsh weather.

Event or Wedding Barns

Event barns are popular venues for weddings, parties, and other special occasions. They can be designed with high ceilings, decorative elements, and lots of open space to comfortably accommodate guests .

Storage Pole Barns

Keep your vehicles, boat, RV, or tools safe in a storage metal building. Storage pole barns can be customized with sliding doors, insulation, and shelving to maximize storage space.

Aircraft Hangars

Store small airplanes or helicopters in a pole barn from Advanced Building Systems. Our pole barns can feature wide doors for easy enter and exit.

Workshop Pole Barns

Enjoy woodworking, metalworking, or crafting in a metal workshop. They can be customized with workbenches and tool racks to create an even more functional workspace.

Garage Pole Barns

Similar to traditional garages, these garage pole barns offer secure parking space for vehicles. They can be customized with garage doors, windows, insulation, and storage space.

Contact Our Metal Building Contractors

Experience the freedom of endless possibilities with custom construction from Advances Building Systems. Choose from a variety of roof styles, siding options, and color combinations to create a pole barn that complements your property.